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Review: https://hikeboots.com


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Dec 15, 2019
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Overall very nice clean looking site.
You need to fix the latest post on the homepage, as you accidentally wrote lates post.
I really don't like your cart in the header. It would be much better if it were either transparent, or fixed header was white, as t looks like a white box floating there all the time. It seems un-professional on such a nice site.
In regards to the featured images on home page Women, Men, Kids... I would add a link to the images and not only the small button inside them, as I noticed I needed to look an extra second to see the button.
In the product page, I am not aware if you can change anything, but I think it would be nice if you can keep the images fixed, in your product gallery, so that when you look the different images the entire site not jumping up and down depending what images I look at. Minor issue, but will benefit the user experience.
If possible try to change settings so that your items are updated automatically every day, as I tested 1 random product, went to Amazon and see it was not available. Yes, you get the easy cookie, but the potential customer is off your site forever.

Niko Nemo

May 28, 2019
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Thank you very much for the detailed review!

I have changed on homepage missing letter in Lates post, cart icon and "shop" button color so it is more visible now. There is no option to make category images clickable as it is woocommerce product category but i can change the widget....

You are right for product page and for images, very annoying ill try to find a workaround but i afraid there is nothing can do because of wZone plugin automatically import them, will see...

Strange, Sync is set to update every day, now i am syncing them manually.

Can you remember which product is unavailable...?! Store is set just for US market, maybe if you are outside of Us it is unavailable...?
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