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OzatuZana Inconsistent services.


Sep 16, 2018
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That place arround the street just by the alleyway

So I purchased a years of Netflix services offered by @OzatuZana
https://babiato.net/threads/netflix-uhd-premium-plan-365-days.7700/ ,

He managed to give good services for 3 months, than came the issues.

The account he provided was no longer active and when bugged about this he simply gave another one (didn't work at all) after to which he gave me a third one.

The third one managed to hold off for a while before completely shutting down @OzatuZana provided an assurance of full support but has not responded to

my replies. His response time is not so great (unless your purchasing) I don't know what his personal situations are but off of other threads I highly suggest him

to be more careful in what he's offering and not be as vague to mislead people in confusion. His last reply was of Nov 16th prior to which I replied

"I sold someone the account and now I'm getting messages for the inconsistent business I'm doing with them. Please at least assure me your fixing this or I may need to raise an issue. Please be straight forward if you can deliver so as to not afford anymore excuses on my behalf.
I'd like to reason the issue as much as possible."

to which he replies...

Sorry for being late
As said, its out of stock
I will get new stock soon"

To than I reply...

Nov 16
"Thanks for the update.
Do you have an E.T.A (estimated time of arrival?)"

To his reply...

" "
still pending...

My initial Idea was just to buy a lot from him but after just reselling my one account I'm having issues with my on resold services due to lack of good service.

I'm actually glad I didn't buy as much as I wished because I'd be dealing with more issues if so.

To my notice the moderator has closed that thread due to lack of "transparency" good call.

I'd like to get either a refund or continuation of services he's offered hulu but it is no use to me.

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