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WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.2

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2019-08-21 - version 1.15.2

  • Fix - Early/Late recurring Google events not appearing on the calendar for some server timezone offsets.
  • Fix - Multiply cost by person or block count option when using the Product Addons integration.
  • Tweak - Make month booking dates clearer in cart.
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.1 Nulled Free
2019-08-08 - version 1.15.1

  • Fix - Confirmation email were showing raw HTML.
  • Fix - Availability for resource shown unavailable (blocked) when buffer days are used.
  • Tweak - WC 3.7 compatibility.
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2019-07-24 - version 1.15.0

  • Add - Admin calendar 'Schedule' view.
  • Add - Google Calendar oAuth setup.
  • Add - New e-mail template: 'Booking Pending Confirmation'
  • Fix - Remove 1 hour offset for hour-based minimum block bookable setting.
  • Fix - Only pass metadata of current booking to Google Calendar.
  • Fix - Unhandled exceptions from Google Calendar.
  • Fix - Fatal error when syncing some recurring events from Google Calendar.
  • Fix - Inclusive/exclusive inconsistency in logic for blocking Google Events' times.
  • Fix - Show Date label for Display calendar on click mode.
  • Fix - Only resources with status publish will be able to be booked.
  • Fix - One Page Checkout compatibility - endless loading on the product page
  • Fix - Resources dropdown field showing unexpected HTML in options.
  • Fix - Show Date label for Display calendar on click mode.
  • Fix - Fatal error with Google Calendar when trying to log with debug mode off.
  • Fix - Some Google Calendar events hidden in admin calendar.
  • Fix - Timezone settings string formatting.
  • Tweak - Better error handling with Google Calendar authentication
  • Tweak - Admin calendar day/month view to use Gutenberg Popover.
  • Tweak - Update all NPM and Composer packages.
  • Tweak - Consolidated cache logic into single class.
  • Tweak - Cache is disabled when WC_BOOKINGS_DEBUG is true.
  • Tweak - Only show calendar connection settings if there is an active connection.
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Form::convert_to_moment_format() replaced with wc_bookings_convert_to_moment_format().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Form::get_posted_data() replaced with wc_bookings_get_posted_data().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Form::is_bookable() replaced with WC_Product_Booking::is_bookable().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Form::get_formatted_times() replaced with wc_bookings_get_formatted_times().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Form::calculate_booking_cost() replaced with WC_Bookings_Cost_Calculation::calculate_booking_cost().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_bookings_in_date_range() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_bookings_in_date_range().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_events_in_date_range() replaced with WC_Global_Availability_Data_Store::get_events_in_date_range().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_global_availability_in_date_range() replaced with WC_Global_Availability_Data_Store::get_global_availability_in_date_range().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_all_existing_bookings() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_all_existing_bookings().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_bookings_for_objects() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_bookings_for_objects().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_bookings_for_objects_query() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_bookings_for_objects_query().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_bookings_for_product() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_bookings_for_product().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_latest_bookings(). Not used in Bookings.
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_bookings_for_user() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_bookings_for_user().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_booking_calculated_base_cost() replaced with WC_Bookings_Cost_Calculation::calculated_base_cost().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_booking_get_product_resources() replaced with WC_Product_Booking->get_resources().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_booking_get_product_resource() replaced with WC_Product_Booking->get_resource().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_bookings_get_start_time_html() replaced with WC_Booking_Form::get_start_time_html().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_bookings_get_end_times() replaced with WC_Booking_Form::get_end_times().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_bookings_get_end_time_html() replaced with WC_Booking_Form::get_end_time_html().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_bookings_get_time_slots_html() replaced with WC_Booking_Form::get_time_slots_html().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated delete_booking_slots_transient() replaced with WC_Bookings_Cache::delete_booking_slots_transient().
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.5 Free Nulled
2019-06-10 - version 1.14.5

* Fix - Adds accommodation bookings support for WooCommerce Bookings Availability extension
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.4 Free Nulled
2019-06-03 - version 1.14.4

  • Fix - Always use products for transient names.
  • Fix - WooCommerce Admin Compatibility.
Reactions: mamil and armotxa
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.3 Free Nulled
2019-05-29 - version 1.14.3

* Fix - Compatibility issue with API hook timing.
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.2 Free Nulled
2019-05-21 - version 1.14.2

  • Add - Meta data table for global availability.
  • Add - Additional capabilities for more granular control of booking's features.
  • Fix - Manual Booking checks calculates using exclusive/inclusive pricing even with taxes disabled.
  • Fix - Clarified option label/description for start day restriction.
  • Tweak - Performance optimization for generation of booking slots.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.1 Free Nulled
2019-05-08 - version 1.14.1

  • Fix - Wrong escape for bookings start time blocks.
  • Add - New filter woocommerce_booking_is_paid_statuses to allow custom booking statuses to be synced to Google Calendar.
  • Fix - Unable to view Global Availability issue.
  • Fix - Customer defined blocks durations not selectable with minutes based blocks.
  • Fix - Customer defined booking duration: minimum/maximum values does not work if block size is in minutes.
  • Fix - Customer defined block end times (hours) not calculated correctly.
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.0 Free Nulled
2019-04-10 - version 1.14.0

  • Add - REST endpoint to get all bookable products.
  • Add - REST endpoint to get all categories that have bookable products.
  • Add - REST endpoint to get all resources.
  • Add - REST endpoint to get booking slots (available and booked).
  • Add - REST endpoint to get bookings (available and booked).
  • Fix - Customer defined blocks with different duration will not work.
  • Fix - Changing Resource resets person count to blank.
  • Fix - Prevent duplicate order status update notice.
  • Fix - Issue with Google Calendar Connection when tokens had expired.
  • Fix - Fatal error when opening admin calendar when Google recurring event is added.
  • Fix - IE11 support for calendar.
  • Fix - Admin calendar events popup details position was misaligned.
  • Fix - PHP warning when trying to display guest name in the bookings order details in certain situations.
  • Fix - Unlink products with resources when they are deleted to prevent resource display issue.
  • Fix - Add back filter woocommerce_bookings_gcalendar_sync to update google event during sync.
  • Tweak - Bookings by slot ajax query can be paginated.
  • Tweak - Update copy on duration validation message.
  • Tweak - Optimized data caching for performance.
  • Tweak - WC 3.6 compatibility.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.13.3 Free Nulled
2019-03-08 - v1.13.3

* Fix - Date Range with Time rules don't work if product has more than one resource.
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