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WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.10

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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.10 Nulled Free
2020-02-12 - version 1.15.10

  • Tweak - Add translation functions to the calendar resource duration.
  • Fix - Raw addon price should display depending on tax display options.
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2020-02-04 - version 1.15.9

  • Fix - Proper escaping of attributes.
  • Fix - Sanitize recurring calendar rules to prevent fatal error.
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.7 Nulled Free
2020-01-21 - v1.15.7

* Fix - Fix release date.

2020-01-20 - v1.15.6
  • Tweak - For monthly bookable products, made it more clear with a 4-digit year instead of 2-digit.
  • Add - New filter woocommerce_bookings_apply_multiple_rules_per_block to allow rule cost calculation logic to be modified.
  • Fix - Max bookable date was being ignored when getting ranges of availability blocks.
  • Fix - Product calendar styling sometimes incorrect on first page load.
  • Tweak - Change date range symbol on order confirmation.
  • Add - Filter for has_past on Availability data objects.
  • Fix - Restrict start/end days CSS issue (Saturday not available)
  • Fix - Display of start time from Google event on bookings admin calendar.
  • Tweak - WC 3.9 compatibility.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.5 Nulled Free
2019-11-05 - version 1.15.5

* Tweak - WC 3.8 compatibility.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.4 Nulled Free
2019-10-31 - version 1.15.4

* Fix - Some available blocks showing as unavailable.
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.3 Nulled Free
2019-10-29 - version 1.15.3

  • Fix - Undefined index PHP notice on cart.
  • Fix - Date range picker when spanning multiple days across end of month.
  • Fix - Timezone offset not applied to rules for frontend availability display.
  • Fix - Product Add-ons and prices not displaying correctly in the cart.
  • Fix - Fixed manual notifications not parsing <p> tags.
  • Tweak - Change admin text to rename Global Availability to Store Availability.
  • Fix - Google calendar integration when incorrect legacy setting are present.
  • Add - Tracking for WooCommerce Bookings admin pages.
The following data is tracked and sent to WooCommerce:
Booking plugin version
All Store Availability rules
Timezone settings
Calendar Sync Settings
Bookable Product Settings
User behavior on Booking Calendar admin page
To disable this tracking opt out of WooCommerce tracking, see https://woocommerce.com/usage-tracking/
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.2 Nulled Free
2019-08-21 - version 1.15.2

  • Fix - Early/Late recurring Google events not appearing on the calendar for some server timezone offsets.
  • Fix - Multiply cost by person or block count option when using the Product Addons integration.
  • Tweak - Make month booking dates clearer in cart.
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.1 Nulled Free
2019-08-08 - version 1.15.1

  • Fix - Confirmation email were showing raw HTML.
  • Fix - Availability for resource shown unavailable (blocked) when buffer days are used.
  • Tweak - WC 3.7 compatibility.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.0 Free Nulled
2019-07-24 - version 1.15.0

  • Add - Admin calendar 'Schedule' view.
  • Add - Google Calendar oAuth setup.
  • Add - New e-mail template: 'Booking Pending Confirmation'
  • Fix - Remove 1 hour offset for hour-based minimum block bookable setting.
  • Fix - Only pass metadata of current booking to Google Calendar.
  • Fix - Unhandled exceptions from Google Calendar.
  • Fix - Fatal error when syncing some recurring events from Google Calendar.
  • Fix - Inclusive/exclusive inconsistency in logic for blocking Google Events' times.
  • Fix - Show Date label for Display calendar on click mode.
  • Fix - Only resources with status publish will be able to be booked.
  • Fix - One Page Checkout compatibility - endless loading on the product page
  • Fix - Resources dropdown field showing unexpected HTML in options.
  • Fix - Show Date label for Display calendar on click mode.
  • Fix - Fatal error with Google Calendar when trying to log with debug mode off.
  • Fix - Some Google Calendar events hidden in admin calendar.
  • Fix - Timezone settings string formatting.
  • Tweak - Better error handling with Google Calendar authentication
  • Tweak - Admin calendar day/month view to use Gutenberg Popover.
  • Tweak - Update all NPM and Composer packages.
  • Tweak - Consolidated cache logic into single class.
  • Tweak - Cache is disabled when WC_BOOKINGS_DEBUG is true.
  • Tweak - Only show calendar connection settings if there is an active connection.
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Form::convert_to_moment_format() replaced with wc_bookings_convert_to_moment_format().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Form::get_posted_data() replaced with wc_bookings_get_posted_data().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Form::is_bookable() replaced with WC_Product_Booking::is_bookable().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Form::get_formatted_times() replaced with wc_bookings_get_formatted_times().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Form::calculate_booking_cost() replaced with WC_Bookings_Cost_Calculation::calculate_booking_cost().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_bookings_in_date_range() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_bookings_in_date_range().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_events_in_date_range() replaced with WC_Global_Availability_Data_Store::get_events_in_date_range().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_global_availability_in_date_range() replaced with WC_Global_Availability_Data_Store::get_global_availability_in_date_range().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_all_existing_bookings() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_all_existing_bookings().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_bookings_for_objects() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_bookings_for_objects().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_bookings_for_objects_query() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_bookings_for_objects_query().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_bookings_for_product() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_bookings_for_product().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_latest_bookings(). Not used in Bookings.
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated WC_Bookings_Controller::get_bookings_for_user() replaced with WC_Booking_Data_Store::get_bookings_for_user().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_booking_calculated_base_cost() replaced with WC_Bookings_Cost_Calculation::calculated_base_cost().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_booking_get_product_resources() replaced with WC_Product_Booking->get_resources().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_booking_get_product_resource() replaced with WC_Product_Booking->get_resource().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_bookings_get_start_time_html() replaced with WC_Booking_Form::get_start_time_html().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_bookings_get_end_times() replaced with WC_Booking_Form::get_end_times().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_bookings_get_end_time_html() replaced with WC_Booking_Form::get_end_time_html().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated wc_bookings_get_time_slots_html() replaced with WC_Booking_Form::get_time_slots_html().
  • Tweak - Soft deprecated delete_booking_slots_transient() replaced with WC_Bookings_Cache::delete_booking_slots_transient().
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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.5 Free Nulled
2019-06-10 - version 1.14.5

* Fix - Adds accommodation bookings support for WooCommerce Bookings Availability extension
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