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WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings v1.15.10

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Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.4 Free Nulled
2019-06-03 - version 1.14.4

  • Fix - Always use products for transient names.
  • Fix - WooCommerce Admin Compatibility.
Reactions: mamil and armotxa
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.3 Free Nulled
2019-05-29 - version 1.14.3

* Fix - Compatibility issue with API hook timing.
Reactions: theslam08
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.2 Free Nulled
2019-05-21 - version 1.14.2

  • Add - Meta data table for global availability.
  • Add - Additional capabilities for more granular control of booking's features.
  • Fix - Manual Booking checks calculates using exclusive/inclusive pricing even with taxes disabled.
  • Fix - Clarified option label/description for start day restriction.
  • Tweak - Performance optimization for generation of booking slots.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.1 Free Nulled
2019-05-08 - version 1.14.1

  • Fix - Wrong escape for bookings start time blocks.
  • Add - New filter woocommerce_booking_is_paid_statuses to allow custom booking statuses to be synced to Google Calendar.
  • Fix - Unable to view Global Availability issue.
  • Fix - Customer defined blocks durations not selectable with minutes based blocks.
  • Fix - Customer defined booking duration: minimum/maximum values does not work if block size is in minutes.
  • Fix - Customer defined block end times (hours) not calculated correctly.
Reactions: mamil
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.14.0 Free Nulled
2019-04-10 - version 1.14.0

  • Add - REST endpoint to get all bookable products.
  • Add - REST endpoint to get all categories that have bookable products.
  • Add - REST endpoint to get all resources.
  • Add - REST endpoint to get booking slots (available and booked).
  • Add - REST endpoint to get bookings (available and booked).
  • Fix - Customer defined blocks with different duration will not work.
  • Fix - Changing Resource resets person count to blank.
  • Fix - Prevent duplicate order status update notice.
  • Fix - Issue with Google Calendar Connection when tokens had expired.
  • Fix - Fatal error when opening admin calendar when Google recurring event is added.
  • Fix - IE11 support for calendar.
  • Fix - Admin calendar events popup details position was misaligned.
  • Fix - PHP warning when trying to display guest name in the bookings order details in certain situations.
  • Fix - Unlink products with resources when they are deleted to prevent resource display issue.
  • Fix - Add back filter woocommerce_bookings_gcalendar_sync to update google event during sync.
  • Tweak - Bookings by slot ajax query can be paginated.
  • Tweak - Update copy on duration validation message.
  • Tweak - Optimized data caching for performance.
  • Tweak - WC 3.6 compatibility.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.13.3 Free Nulled
2019-03-08 - v1.13.3

* Fix - Date Range with Time rules don't work if product has more than one resource.
Reactions: emanueltxra
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.13.2 Free Nulled
2019-02-14 - v1.13.2

* Fix - Customer defined blocks with different duration will not work.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.13.1 Free Nulled Premium
2019-02-06 - v1.13.1

* Fix - Customer defined blocks with resources will not work.
* Fix - Incorrect data deleted for privacy erase.
* Fix - Define class and constants before plugins_loaded.
* Fix - Booking days adds an extra day.
Reactions: bbo
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.13.0 Free Nulled
2019-02-05 - v1.13.0

* Add - Ajax endpoint to get all bookable products.
* Add - Ajax endpoint to get all categories that have bookable products.
* Add - Ajax endpoint to get all resources.
* Add - Ajax endpoint to get booking slots (available and booked).
* Add - Created Settings section and moved Global Avaialability, Timezone, and Google Calendar options into it.
* Add - Google 2-way sync integration.
* Add - Introduce Action Scheduler.
* Add - Move calendar integration to bookings settings tab.
* Add - Store admin calendar - added datepicker for easier navigation.
* Add - Store admin calendar - daily view - Display a detailed popover when clicking on an event.
* Add - Use webpack for build process.
* Add - User booking calendar - replace duration input field with start time and end time.
* Add - WC Admin inbox notification after Bookings extension activation.
* Fix - Bookings Addons not showing under WooCommerce > Extensions.
* Fix - Buffers not respecting single block when they are selected.
* Fix - Coupons give the wrong discount.
* Fix - Customer defined blocks plus buffers calculate incorrect blocks length.
* Fix - Customer defined blocks with buffers allow only first booking of the day to be selected.
* Fix - Day is still showing as fully booked when switching resource.
* Fix - HTML encoding issue in calendar connection tab.
* Fix - No saved message feedback when saving timezone options settings.
* Fix - Rate not applied for December Bookings 1+ years in the future.
* Tweak - Custom table and CRUD implementation for global availability
* Tweak - Rename Google Calendar Integration settings to Calendar Connect.
* Tweak - Show global availability in admin calendar.
* Tweak - Store admin calendar - daily view - UX improvements.
* Tweak - Store admin calendar - daily view - scroll to first available time in daily view.
* Tweak - Store admin calendar - monthly view - UX improvements.
* Tweak - User booking calendar - Misc minor UX improvements.
Download WooCommerce Bookings v1.12.2 Free Nulled
2018-11-12 - version 1.12.2

* Tweak - Add link to WordPress timezone settings.
* Tweak - Performance improvement for Bookable products that contain many bookable blocks.
* Fix - Datepicker in Edit Booking fixed to honor WordPress week start day.
* Fix - My Account page shows bookings in the site's time zone, instead of the local time zone.
* Fix - JS error in console when trying to save a product that's not a booking. Prevents saving.
* Tweak - Prevent loading of availability on initial page load.
* Tweak - PAO 3.0+ compatibilty.
* Fix - Break after first application of custom rule on a booking block.
* Fix - Rounding issue when manually creating a booking and generating an order.