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Marketplace Guidelines

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Aug 5, 2018
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Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone enjoying the forum, its great content and people,
Since there has been a new section of market place, it is important for buyers and sellers to follow guidelines,

As Buyer:
1- Read through what are you buying, cover all details, ask questions about warranty or anything you deem important before making the purchase.
2- Remember Paypal does not have protection for digital good purchases nor btc.
3- Always check the seller's reputation, only great sellers will be around by time but do your homework.
4- don't bargain nor spam sellers for vouch copy, and be kind to leave feedback about the product or service you got for other buyers.

As Seller:
1- Please update stocks (if applicable), details, feedbacks of previous purchases misunderstanding in your thread periodically.
2- Check Buyer feedback, if new or not, you have the right to refuse to sell for whatever reason before the transaction takes place.
2- Don't accept payment through PayPal using VPN (it can be checked through selly), you have choices of crypto although it won't be accessible by all buyers.
3- Ask for feedback as soon as service done or product received.

Overall :
1- Do not sell items that are prohibited, a list will be created and shared
2- Make sure to be clear before buying or selling about expectation in case there is no thread to cover it up.
2- Babiato is not sponsoring any parties of the trade nor covering your money,
3- Try to resolve issues by communication before escalating.
4- Create a scam report and follow details on how to at next thread, Admin will step in and try to resolve, within 24 hours usually, the admin will favour dispute for buyer or seller and request a resolve, if admin resolve not adhered, User and its IP will be banned and details will be shared to partner network sites.

Hopefully, we won't see any issues and all transactions will go smoothly, It may be a good idea to use Middle Man for new buyer or seller, requesting party will bear the fees if any.

Enjoy your party and welcome to the family.
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