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Yoast Local SEO for WordPress Plugin Premium

Yoast Local SEO for WordPress Plugin Premium v12.6.1

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Download Yoast Local SEO Premium v12.6.1 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v12.6.1 (release: 2020-01-07)

  • Bug fix:
    • Fixes a bug where a fatal error would be thrown on activation.
v12.6 (release: 2020-01-07)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixes a bug where incorrect locations metadata would be saved on multisite environments in combination with MultilingualPress.
    • Fixed a bug that caused store locator scripts to be included on every single page.
  • Other:
    • Removed duplicate tab and content title for the API key and WooCommerce settings tabs.
    • Replaced deprecated namespaced objects for block editor components.
    • Dropped IE11 support and therefore removed WP polyfills.
Download Yoast Local SEO Premium v12.5 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v12.5 (release: 2019-12-10)

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that caused business types for a single location to not be saved correctly.
    • Fixed a bug that caused shortcodes with no ID set to show the most recent location.
  • Other:
    • Changed descriptive text on the “Opening hours”-tab to make its meaning more clear.
Download Yoast Local SEO Premium v12.4 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v12.4 (release: 2019-11-26)

Use the WPSEO_Options class to save and sanitize options.
Removed checking of default value for options on every page load.
Removed checking of Yoast SEO company settings on each page load.
Set select boxes in widgets to 100% (max)width.
Replaced the HelpScout beacon on the Local SEO admin page.
Bumped minimum Yoast SEO version to 12.6.
Reactions: vhick and webmaster
Download Yoast Local SEO Premium v12.3 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v12.3 (release: 2019-11-13)

  • Schema:
    • Removed subOrganisation from schema output since it’s no longer valid.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where an empty geo.position could be output when lat/long isn’t set in the settings.
    • Fixed a bug that caused scheduled posts to not show location meta data in the admin area.
    • Fixed a bug that caused location selects in widget to display no locations.
    • Fixed a bug that caused select2 to no longer work if the Yoast Meta Box was hidden on a single location page.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Yoast SEO image to be shown in the meta box when no image was chosen.
  • UI:
    • Fixed issues that caused misalignment of some elements in the Yoast SEO: Local plugin when updating to WordPress 5.3.
Download Yoast Local SEO Premium v12.2.1 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v12.2.1 (release: 2019-10-23):

Bug fix:
Fixed a fatal error that occurred on wp-activate.php.
Reactions: vhick and kagero
Download Yoast Local SEO Premium v12.2 WordPress Plugin Nulled
v12.2 (release: 2019-10-15): - Thanks to @Physkx

  • Enhancements:
    • Copy data from another location is now a Select2 box, which makes it easier to search for other locations.
    • Shows a floating Save changes button on the Local SEO admin pages when the normal button is not visible in the browser window.
  • UI changes:
    • The description concerning 2 sets of opening hours now only shows when this option is enabled.
    • The question mark, indicating there is a help description for a field, is now in accordance with the Yoast SEO plugin styling.
    • Better alignment of the ‘This is no physical address’ label on a locations page.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a possible undefined index error when a location has a weekday set to ‘open 24 hours’.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the route planner never to show up under a map, even when enabled.
    • Fixed issue where fields might break out of the meta box on smaller screens.
    • Prevent admin-rtl.css console error. Enqueueing of this file has been removed, because it does not exist.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the VAT ID toggle not to work in the address block.
    • Removed quoting of simple DB placeholders.
    • Prevent upload button triggering on hitting return when focused on an input field in the meta box.
  • Other:
    • Changed label from ‘open 24h’ to ‘open 24 hours’.
    • Added additional sanitation for setting and meta box inputs.
    • The calculation of the timezone is now only triggered if the lat/lng actually changes.
Reactions: vhick and webmaster
Download Yoast Local SEO Premium v12.1.2 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v12.1.2 (release: 2019-09-30):

Make all custom marker functionality look and work the same throughout the plugin.
Bug fix:
Fixed a bug that made it impossible to set a custom marker on the settings page.
Download Yoast Local SEO Premium v12.1 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v12.1 (release: 2019-09-17): - Thanks To @CyberDeviL

  • Enhancements:
    • Improve the UX and UI for our meta box on the locations page.
      • The design now matches the Yoast SEO style.
      • Labels are updated in accordance to the ones on the settings pages.
      • Settings are now rearranged under separate tabs for a better overview.
    • If no API key is supplied, the map settings now show a notification.
    • Removed server side geocoding and timezone determination in favor of client side. A server side key is no longer necessary.
  • Bug fix:
    • The notification for the new Google Maps API is now only shown when applicable.
  • Translations:
    • The plugin is now available with Hungarian translation.
  • Other
    • Deprecated wpseo_geocode_address().
Download Yoast Local SEO Premium v12.0 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v12.0 (release: 2019-09-03): Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • Enhancements:
    • Improved latitude / longitude description.
    • Improved location detection description.
    • Updated warning messages to match the Yoast SEO style.
    • Changed labels for metric and unit system to kilometer and miles.
    • Changed label from ‘Allow scrolling of map’ to ‘Allow zoom by scroll’.
    • Location URL now gets the URL of the site by default.
  • Bug fix:
    • Prevent a custom marker from breaking out of the settings panel if it exceeds the width of the panel.
    • Fixed typo’s. Changed e-mail address to email address.
  • Other
    • Removed all instances of the ‘notes’ fields from the plugin.
Download Yoast Local SEO Premium v11.9.1 WordPress Plugin Nulled Free
v11.9.1 (release: 2019-08-21): - Thanks TO @Thugman
Bug fix:

Fixed a bug where the incorrect version would be shown in the plugins overview.