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YITH WooCommerce Stripe Connect

YITH WooCommerce Stripe Connect v2.0.1

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Download YITH WooCommerce Stripe Connect v2.0.1 Nulled Free
= v2.0.1 – Released: Sep, 20 - 2019 =

  • Tweak: minified checkout js
  • Tweak: reviewed renew_needs_action subject to remove HTML string
  • Tweak: moved methods to set card as default and delete card from gateway to main class
  • Tweak: changed conditions that triggers renew_needs_action email sending, to be more specific
  • Tweak: after registering failed renew attempt, get order again to account for any status change
  • Update: Italian language
  • Update: Dutch language
  • Fix: fixed language files name
  • Fix: payment intent missing customer for guest users
Download YITH WooCommerce Stripe Connect v2.0.0 Nulled Free
v2.0.0 - RELEASED: SEP 13, 2019

  • New: support for SCA-ready payment methods
  • New: extended card management, even without YITH WooCommerce Subscription enabled
  • New: renew needs payment email (only when used with YITH WooCommerce Subscription)
  • New: support for 2019-09-09 API version
  • Update: internal plugin framework
  • Update: Stripe PHP to version 7.0.2
  • Update: Italian language
  • Fix: avoiding duplicated connection attempts
  • Dev: added new action 'yith_wcsc_after_disconnect_with_stripe' after user disconnect from Stripe
  • Dev: filter yith_wcsc_disconnect_from_stripe_button_text and filter yith_wcsc_connect_with_stripe_button_text
Download YITH WooCommerce Stripe Connect v1.1.7 Nulled Free
v1.1.7 - RELEASED: MAY 30, 2019

  • Tweak: add no cache headers
  • Tweak: improve how to get the CSV file
  • Tweak: added ignore_user_abort
  • Update: internal plugin framework
  • Update: Updated .pot
  • Fix: preventing notice when user_id not found in the receiver array
  • Fix: warning when creating export CSV
  • Fix: Fixed users could get all commissions in csv and pdf files
  • Fix: Prevent error of insufficient funds of a card
  • Fix: Removed undefined method add_block that generated fatal error with subscription item
  • Fix: Fixed subscription renew orders payment issue
  • Dev: Added wc-credit-card-form among yith-stripe-connect-js script dependencies, to be sure that it is always loaded at checkout
  • Dev: Added new filters 'yith_wcsc_prepare_columns_list' and 'yith_wcsc_prepare_rows_list'
v1.0.6 - RELEASED: JUN 13, 2018
Dev: yith_wcsc_process_product_commissions to check if process the current product or not
Dev: yith_wcsc_process_order_commissions to check if process the current order or not