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WoodMart - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

WoodMart - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme v3.8.2

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Download WoodMart v3.2.0 - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme Nulled Free
09-11-2018 – Update version 3.2

ADDED: NEW VERSION – Black friday
ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Additional variation gallery for products
ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Product stock progress bar
ADDED: Woodmart Slider background image for tablet and mobile option
ADDED: Product bordered style option
ADDED: Countdown for variable product option
ADDED: WooCommerce orderby select with AJAX
ADDED: 5 columns to Portfolio option
ADDED: Reset margin option on mobile and tablet for WPBakery column
ADDED: WooCommerce 3.5.1 compatibility
FIXED: Dynamic CSS with SSL
FIXED: CSS Generator version issue
FIXED: YITH Woocommerce Compare Premium issue
FIXED: A lot of CSS issues
FIXED: PHP warnings
UPDATED: Translations POT files
Download WoodMart v3.1.0 - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme Nulled Free
18-10-2018 – Update version 3.1

  • ADDED: NEW VERSION – Motorcycle
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – “Dropdown AJAX load” option for menu items
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Redux dynamic CSS moved to file
  • ADDED: Disable Nanoscroller library option
  • ADDED: “Lazy loading” option for some elements
  • ADDED: “Init carousel on scroll” option for carousels
  • ADDED: New title style “Underline” to Info box element
  • ADDED: Responsive text block element inline option
  • ADDED: Compatibility with YITH Woocommerce Compare 2.3.2
  • ADDED: List of IDs option to WC Products widget element
  • FIXED: Animations on Safari
  • FIXED: Cart page coupon form on IOS 10
  • FIXED: Video element poster issue
  • FIXED: My account link in mobile menu
  • FIXED: Product Quick View in popup
  • FIXED: Product element height with AJAX arrows
  • FIXED: Search widget default post type
  • FIXED: Sticky header on mobile
  • FIXED: Info box content spaces issue
  • FIXED: PHP warnings
  • UPDATED: Woodmart Core plugin 1.0.11
  • UPDATED: Translations POT files
Download WoodMart v3.0.0 - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme Nulled Free
05-10-2018 – Update version 3.0

  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – 300+ WPBakery templates library
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – CSS Generator for CSS file size optimization
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Advanced typography settings
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Site custom width option
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Bootstrap upgrade from 3.3 to 4.0 version
  • ADDED: 5 columns grid for products
  • ADDED: Image size options to WC Products Widget element
  • ADDED: WooCommerce 3.5.0 compatibility
  • ADDED: Cache function to Layered Nav widget
  • ADDED: SVG icons performance optimization
  • ADDED: Changed portfolio zoom gallery from magnific popup to photo swipe
  • ADDED: Section title element custom color, font size, line height options
  • ADDED: Promo banner element custom color, font size, line height options
  • ADDED: Promo banner hide button on responsive option
  • ADDED: Responsive text block element line height option
  • ADDED: New style ‘Content background’ for Promo banner element
  • ADDED: Datepicker to Countdown timer element
  • ADDED: Current category ancestors option for product filters element
  • ADDED: Inline option to Text/HTML element in the Header Builder
  • ADDED: Zakeke – Product Designer plugin compatibility
  • IMPROVED: Reduced theme package size from 30mb to 5mb
  • IMPROVED: HTML code clean from inline styles tags
  • IMPROVED: Redesigned WPBakery Page Builder theme elements interface
  • IMPROVED: Redesigned Woodmart Theme Settings interface
  • FIXED: Portfolio filter with other masonry elements
  • FIXED: Wishlist number AJAX query
  • FIXED: Custom CSS priority
  • FIXED: Info box color on Header Builder
  • FIXED: Blog and Portfolio infinite button lag
  • FIXED: One page anchor issue with classes
  • FIXED: Lazy load on blog author avatar image
  • FIXED: Promo banner cursor pointer issue
  • FIXED: Popup controls translation
  • FIXED: WPBakery Page Builder full width row on shop page after AJAX
  • FIXED: Blog excerpt length PHP error
  • FIXED: Grouped product translation on mobile
  • FIXED: HTML block wrong content issue
  • FIXED: Quick shop swatches on single product page issue
  • FIXED: Shop on front with brands links issue
  • FIXED: Default WPBakery Images Carousel element with Lazy Loading
  • FIXED: List element PHP error
  • FIXED: A lot of CSS appearance bugs
  • REMOVED: Header options from theme settings. Now you can use Header builder only.
  • REMOVED: ‘Banner content spacing’ option from Promo banner element
  • REMOVED: ‘Post style small images (Deprecated)’ option from Blog element
  • REMOVED: ‘Button style – Circle’ option from Buttons, Info box, Promo banner, Popup elements
  • UPDATED: WPBakery Page Builder plugin 5.5.4
  • UPDATED: Woodmart Core plugin 1.0.9
  • UPDATED: Translations POT files
21-08-2018 – Update v2.10
  • ADDED: Search style options to Header Builder element
  • ADDED: Border option for Category element in Header Builder
  • ADDED: Countdown timer for variable product
  • ADDED: Star rating option to Testimonials element
  • ADDED: Scroll to top on select swatches with Sticky description
  • FIXED: WoodMart Slider max slide count
  • FIXED: Comments translation issue
  • FIXED: Price plan price element issue
  • FIXED: Empty font in Custom fonts option
  • FIXED: Scroll per page option for carousel elements
  • UPDATED: Translations POT files
02-08-2018 – Update version 2.9
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Product filters
  • ADDED: Added header builder interface localization
  • ADDED: Query type option to product element
  • ADDED: Header builder actions notices
  • ADDED: Slider lazy image load
  • ADDED: Always open shop filter area option
  • ADDED: Custom content in filter area option
  • ADDED: Size option to Testimonials element
  • FIXED: Bike version import
  • FIXED: Before add to cart text area
  • FIXED: Removed inline carousel scripts from HTML
  • FIXED: Autoheight in carousel
  • FIXED: WPML currency in quick view issue
  • FIXED: Header banner with maintenance
  • FIXED: Plugins compatibilities bugs with CMB2
  • FIXED: Footer without plugins
  • FIXED: Promo popup on maintenance page issue
  • FIXED: Inline flexbox issue in IE11
  • FIXED: Product labes issue in IE11
  • FIXED: Slider height in IE11
  • FIXED: Added nofollow attribute to Infinite scrolling button
  • UPDATED: Translations POT files
14-07-2018 – Update version 2.8
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – WoodMart Slider (example)
  • ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Image hotspot element (example)
  • ADDED: Privacy police page to dummy content
  • ADDED: Custom header for single product page option
  • ADDED: Search widget post type option
  • FIXED: Single product sidebar issues
  • FIXED: Header builder interface bugs in Safari
  • FIXED: Header builder button custom color
  • FIXED: Post gallery carousel lazy loading
  • FIXED: Header builder height “NaN” bug
  • FIXED: Search categories dropdown ordering
  • FIXED: Popup button
  • FIXED: Dummy content track order header
  • FIXED: Product image width metabox option
  • FIXED: paypall button on sidebar cart
  • FIXED: Quote blog style on single blog page
  • FIXED: Quick view small product image
  • FIXED: AJAX search results in the footer
  • FIXED: WPML Additional tab translations
  • FIXED: Hidden sidebar on maintenance
  • FIXED: Popup button extra class
  • UPDATED: WPBakery Page Builder plugin 5.5.2
  • UPDATED: Translations POT files
WoodMart v2.7.0 - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme
22-06-2018 – Update version 2.7

ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Product gallery center mode
ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Full height sidebar on product page
ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Login to see add to cart and prices option
ADDED: New font – HK Grotesk Pro
ADDED: Option to enable Yoast breadcrumbs instead of the default one
ADDED: Product image full width size option
ADDED: Links color option
ADDED: Open product on click on mobile option
ADDED: Quick view vertical style
ADDED: Quick view width option
FIXED: Brand empty tab
FIXED: Sticky sidebar button
FIXED: “About brand” string translation
FIXED: Translations issues
FIXED: PHP errors
FIXED: JS errors after WPBakery Page Builder update
UPDATED: Isotope and Packery mode js libraries
UPDATED: WPBakery Page Builder plugin 5.5.1
UPDATED: Revolution Slider plugin 5.4.8
UPDATED: Translations POT files
09-06-2018 – v2.6.0
ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Unlimited custom fonts loader
ADDED: NEW FEATURE – CSS Animations to element
ADDED: NEW FEATURE – Mobile off canvas sidebar for custom pages
ADDED: Info box style “Background on hover”
ADDED: Info box icon style “Background and bordered”
ADDED: New form style “Rounded”
ADDED: New button style “Rounded”
ADDED: Testimonials carousel center mode
ADDED: AJAX search result count option
FIXED: Blog load more button issue
FIXED: Product status on sticky add to cart
FIXED: Stripe plugin styles
FIXED: Product page sidebar on tablet
FIXED: Quick view on single product issue
FIXED: Promo banner empty link
FIXED: Sticky footer on Safari
FIXED: Carousel product icons on Safari
FIXED: Footer widget issue
FIXED: Improved animations performance
FIXED: Sticky add to cart JS error
FIXED: Catalog mode with AJAX products elements
FIXED: Underlined form style
FIXED: Translations issues
UPDATED: Translations POT files
30-05-2018 – Update version 2.5.1
ADDED: WooCommerce 3.4.1 compatibility