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Gravity Forms - WordPress Forms Plugin

Gravity Forms - WordPress Forms Plugin v2.4.11.1

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- Added the "gform_incomplete_submission_pre_save" filter allowing the entire incomplete submission to be overridden before it is saved to the database.
- Added the "gform_incomplete_submission_post_get" filter allowing the entire incomplete submission to be overridden after it is retrieved from the database.
- Fixed the Ajax spinner remaining when the submission is blocked due to the next/submit button being hidden by conditional logic.
Fixed conditional logic not adding the "gf-default-disabled" class to selects which are disabled by custom code or add-ons.
Gravity Forms v2.3.2.13 - WordPress Froms Plugin

- API: Fixed the entry detail page, {all_fields}, and {pricing_fields} merge tags using an outdated product info cache when the entry is updated by GFAPI::update_entry().
Gravity Forms v2.3.2.11 - WordPress Froms Plugin

- Updated Chosen JS script to latest version to fix an issue when searching in non-ASCII languages.
- API: Fixed an issue where sorting entries numerically by an entry meta column which is registered with "is_numeric" as true, such as "partial_entry_percent", did not work.
Gravity Forms v2.3.2.10 - WordPress Froms Plugin

- API: Fixed an issue when searching entries when the operator is NOT IN and the array of values doesn't contain an empty string - entries without a value for the field are not included in the results.
- Added security enhancements.
- Fixed a PHP notice on form display when populating a list field with an array via the gravity_form function or the "gform_form_args" filter.
- Fixed an invalid form fields array causing PHP notices and JavaScript errors in the form editor.
- AF: Fixed an issue with the field select setting where the field_types args are ignored. Credit: Naomi C. Bush.