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Dokan Business - Multi Vendor Marketplace

Dokan Business - Multi Vendor Marketplace v2.9.11 Business

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Download Dokan Business v2.9.2 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled Free
v2.9.2 -> November 09, 2018

- [new] Added zoom level settings in geolocation module
- [new] Added shipping policy and processing time settings in zone wise shipping
- [new] Added rest API support for store review post type
- [fix] Show tax on bookable product
- [fix] Admin is unable to enter in admin dashboard in network site
- [fix] Unable to override seller setup wizard button color with color module
- [fix] Currency symbol is broken in dokan admin backend
- [fix] Allow vendor to import only allowed number of products
- [fix] Product and order discount for vendor is not working
- [fix] Shipping class is not saving for bookable product
- [tweak] Allow child to theme to override order templates
Download Dokan Business v2.9.1 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled Free
v2.9.1 -> October 15, 2018

- [tweak] Allow customers to purchase from non-connected sellers with stripe
- [fix] Allow vendor to create their own tags
- [fix] Subscription issue for vendor staff
- [fix] Booking date format
- [fix] Booking order issue when order is created by admin
- [fix] Store seo warning
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Download Dokan Business v2.9.0 - Multi Vendor Marketplace Nulled Free
v2.9.0 -> October 03,2018

- [new] Add Geolocation module ( Business & Enterprise Package )
- [new] Add Moip payment gateway module ( Professional, Business & Enterprise Package )
- [new] Allow vendor to add product tag from vendor dashboard
- [new] Allow admin to verify a vendor from the backend and add send email again functionalities
- [new] Send new order email to vendor staff
- [new] Make dokan admin backend pages responsive
- [tweak] Upload vendor verification data to separate folder
- [tweak] Replace all dir constant to dirname function
- [tweak] Refund calculation for admin and vendor
- [tweak] Dokan rebuild order table functionality
- [fix] Subscription product shouldn't be listed on vendor product listing page
- [fix] Unable to save category for a subscription product
- [fix] Exporting product from admin panel issue
- [fix] Send approved refund request email to vendor
- [fix] Disable creating new product if a vendor is not subscribed to any package
- [fix] Stripe payment gateway is still available in vendor dashboard even if it's turned off
- [fix] Store support widget is not showing in backend widget page
- [fix] Variation API schema added in dokan rest API
- [fix] Shipping zone is not working correctly
- [fix] Unable to buy subscription pack using stripe connect
- [fix] Allow the shop manager to change user subscription from the backend
- [fix] Image and hyperlink in the announcement body do not reach in the vendor dashboard
- [fix] Disproving or rejecting Address which have previously been approved, still shows approved in store sidebar
- [fix] Vendor should not be able to sell subscription product
- [fix] Paypal credentials are not set warning even PayPal is turned off
- [fix] Booking day view is not visible
- [fix] Quantity discount is not visible in mobile device
- [fix] Refund pagination is not showing in admin backend
- [fix] Remove category commission options if multiple categories is allowed