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AutomateWoo WordPress Plugin

AutomateWoo WordPress Plugin v4.5.5

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Download AutomateWoo v4.3.2 WordPress Plugin Free Nulled
v4.3.2 September 17, 2018

* Fix - Issue where an SMS could be incorrectly sent to an opted-out customer
* Fix - Issue where the **Wishlist Item On Sale** trigger could never trigger on a site
v4.3.1 August 24, 2018
  • Fix - Issue where emojis could not be used with some database configurations
v4.3.0 August 14, 2018
  • Performance - Major rewrite of session tracking code, optimizes various aspects of the module
  • New - Added rule Order Is Subscription Parent
  • New - Added a honey pot field to the Sign up page to reduce spam
  • New - Added constant AUTOMATEWOO_LOG_SENT_SMS, when enabled will keep a log of sent SMSs
  • Tweak - Prevent ambiguous characters from being used in unique coupons
  • Tweak - Allowed native emojis to display in emails rather than convert them to images
  • Tweak - The New Review Posted trigger will only run once if a customer places multiple reviews on the same product
  • Fix - Issue where the order.related_products variable didn't work for product variations
  • Fix - Issue where some workflow variables were incorrectly generated when used as URLs
  • Fix - Issue preventing the Trigger Order Action action from running in batches
  • Fix - Issue where the Order Created trigger could skip some orders when processing subscription renewals
  • Fix - Issue where the customer full name variable fallback parameter didn't display
AutomateWoo v4.2.0 WordPress Plugin
4.2.0 *June 26, 2018*

* New - Added rules **Order Coupon Count**, **Customer Phone** and **Customer Company**
* New - Added action **Add / Update Subscription Meta**
* New - Added variables **membership.renewal_url** and **cart.item_count**
* New - Added error catching when running a workflow that records the error in the workflow log
* Tweak - Improved stability of guest migration for v4.0
* Tweak - When a customer field is blank on the order fall back to the user meta data
* Tweak - Improved tools text in admin area