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AutomateWoo WordPress Plugin

AutomateWoo WordPress Plugin v4.5.5

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v4.5.5 May 29, 2019

  • Fix - Error when loading the Emogrifier library in some environments
  • Tweak - Added two requested filter hooks automatewoo/cart_item/get_quantity and automatewoo/cart/get_shipping_total_html
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v4.5.4 May 17, 2019

Fix - Backwards compatibility error
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v4.5.3 May 14, 2019

* Fix - PHP error notice
v4.5.2 May 13, 2019
* Fix - Gutenberg API error that affected the parent page selector
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4.5.1 April 18, 2019

Fix - Added support for WooCommerce 3.6
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Download AutomateWoo v4.5.0 WordPress Plugin Free Nulled
v4.5.0 March 27, 2019

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* New - Added integration with the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin
* New action: Customer - Add Points
* New action: Customer - Remove Points
* New variable: customer.points
* New rule: Customer - Points
  • New - Added trigger Subscription Note Added
  • New - Added rule Subscription - Can Renew Early
  • New - Added variable subscription.early_renewal_url
  • New - Added common date formats select box to date variables
  • New - Added price format parameter to price variables
  • New - Added subscription coupon rules
  • New - Added action Order Item - Update Custom Field
  • New - Added variables order.admin_url and subscription.admin_url
  • New - Added variables customer.address_line_1 and customer.address_line_2
  • New - Customer Win Back - Added a default value to the the Maximum days since purchase
field which is 3 days higher than minimum days value
* Performance - Improved scalability of all background processed triggers such as Customer Win Back, **Subscription
Before Renewal** and Wishlist Reminder
  • Tweak - Added support for decimal quantities to abandoned carts
  • Tweak - Adjusted customer review count so multiple reviews on the same product count as a single review. This matches
how the New Review Posted trigger functions.
  • Tweak - Show a warning in the workflow edit view if it contains a rule that has been removed
  • Fix - Issue where if a registered user left a review when signed out but used the same email address, it was not
included in the customer’s review count
  • Fix - Issue where the customer review count included all comments by the user not just product review comments
  • Fix - Issue where digits within parentheses were incorrectly removed from phone numbers when sending an SMS
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v4.4.3 - January 31, 2019

* New - Add rule **Subscription - Has Payment Method** for WC Subscriptions 2.5
* New - Add variable **subscription.change_payment_method_url** for WC Subscriptions 2.5
* Tweak - Add notice when a rule used in a workflow is not available
* Fix - Add support custom order paid statuses in conversion reports
* Fix - Issue with search tool on opt-in/out admin list view
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v4.4.2 - January 7, 2018

* New - Added variables for each order shipping field
* Fix - PHP 7.3 issue where emails were displayed with no CSS
* Fix - Possible date rule validation error when using certain comparisons
* Fix - Issue where email preview didn't work before the workflow was saved
* Tweak - Workflows will now use the customer's email from their account profile in favour of the billing email on their order/subscription. This was changed because it's possible for a user to modify their own email but this doesn't update their orders/subscriptions so it's more logical that they receive emails from the updated email field.
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v4.4.1 December 4, 2018

* Fix - API error when using **Campaign Monitor - Add Subscriber to List** (from 4.4.0)
* Fix - Issue when sending SMS where country codes were not added for Brazilian numbers
* Fix - Potential fatal error when using the **Send Email** action (from 4.4.0)
Download AutomateWoo v4.4.0 WordPress Plugin Free Nulled
4.4.0 *November 28, 2018*

* Note - Dropped support for WooCommerce 2.6, minimum version is now 3.0
* New - Added date based workflow rules:
* Customer - First Order Date
* Customer - Last Order Date
* Customer - Account Created Date
* Customer - Last Review Date
* Order - Created Date
* Order - Paid Date
* Cart - Created Date
* Subscription - Created Date
* Subscription - End Date
* Subscription - Trial-End Date
* Subscription - Next Payment Date
* Subscription - Last Payment Date
* Workflow - Last Run Date For Customer
* New - Added actions to **add or remove product items** from subscriptions
* New - Added actions to **add or remove coupons** from subscriptions
* New - Added a **Send Email** action for plain text emails
* New - Added a sort by random option to the **shop.products** variable
* New - Added variable **membership.meta**
* Tweak - Improved support for **Subscribe All The Things** by allowing any product to be selectable on subscription triggers
* Performance - Optimized products queries used in the **shop.products** variable
* Fix - Add field value sanitization and escaping for all trigger and action fields
* Fix - Subscriptions created by admins now trigger the **Subscription Created** trigger
* Fix - Issue where coupons rules could fail due to case sensitivity
Download AutomateWoo v4.3.3 WordPress Plugin Free Nulled
v4.3.3 *October 25, 2018*

* Tweak - Declare support for WooCommerce 3.5